Valérie Duron



Holistic artist in the service of mankind,

Converging to my passion :

Paint, support creativity, write and communicate about Art

Valérie was born in 1967 in Marseille. She started painting in Paris in the early 2000s and this necessity never left her. A visit by Pierre Soulages to her Parisian studio is decisive in her development. With the passing years, her techniques change, she quickly joined the lyrical abstraction movement and later that of Action Painting. Colors convey emotions, supports get adapted to her wishes and her poetic texts enrich every canvas.

In 2007, she comes back to Marseille and sets up in the Panier neighborhood. Her spacious studio allows her to express herself on huge canvas sheets, without frame, directly on the floor.
Her gesture spreads, her work is part of a process: prayer, music, painting and writing merge to give her creation a meaning.

Valérie progresses with conviction, taming shadow to let more light shine. She spreads out colors on the Invisible, creates with her heart and lets herself be guided.
She claims that her abstraction embodies a mysterious reality she does not see but that her hands perceive. Valérie makes the connection between two worlds and gives the opportunity to restore oneself absorbing the positive energy that comes out of her canvases.
Spirituality is an integral part of her artistic work and appears by enjoying her pieces. Valérie invites us to nourish the part of humanity that makes us alive.
Her pieces of art lead us to introspection and meditation; exhibitions are regularly organized in Marseille, Paris, Tunis, Shanghai, New York.
Everything exists, I am privileged to get remarkable experiences where I meet the eyes of my hands”.

Valérie is aware of the essential role an Artist plays in society. She is a communicator, involved in the development of Art in all its forms. Her aim is tirelessly oriented towards sharing, valuing the other and caring for the soul.

«Opening our hearts and cultivating the best we have, we can all become committed actors and make a new world emerge, inspired by beauty. »